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It's been more than ten years since the death of J Dilla, and in that time, the producer's legacy has only grown stronger. Back in February, his longtime friend and collaborator Nas announced that he would be organizing and releasing a posthumous J Dilla album to honor his legacy, and tonight that album is here. The Diary features contributions from Snoop DoggMadlibBilail, and Pete Rock, as well as Nas. Obviously, J Dilla is center stage, and even a decade after his death, his artistry still shines.

In addition to this album, Dilla's mother Mama Dukes Yancy is planning on re-releasing his album Jay Love Japan on Mother's Day. Between that and The Diary, it's still a great time to be a J Dilla fan.

You can purchase The Diary on iTunes here, and check out Complex's in-depth guide to J Dilla's life and legacy here