Kanye West is apparently very much about the idea of living art, and may now be updating even more of his catalog on Apple Music than just The Life of Pablo. According to Spin, a very observant Twitter user noticed a slight change to the Yeezus track "Send It Up," which didn't appear on the original album. The user noticed that at the 1:30 mark of the song Kanye isn't rapping over any music, but on the album version, there was part of the instrumental.

If that wasn't enough, another fan pointed out that there's a slight change to the opening vocal on "Black Skinhead" that is deeper and more warped. It's unclear when Kanye may have made these changes, but it falls in line with the small things he's done with The Life of Pablo, which has been given minor variations since it first dropped in February. Kanye has yet to address any of the changes to Yeezus, but it certainly opens up an interesting debate on changes made to projects that are already out. We've reached out to comment from Apple Music and will continue to update this story as more details come out.