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Much-loved indie band Grizzly Bear announced today that they are officially set to work on a follow up to their 2012 album Shields. After the birth of bassist Chris Taylor's new baby, the band took to Twitter to announce that they are getting back in the studio next month to start working on the new project. "We love ❤️ all! We r passionate to make amazing music for years to come!" they wrote. "We are ready to unleash a fresh album and hopefully under a fresh government!"

That last part is in reference to their support of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. They will be playing at a Sanders rally in New York City on Sunday. The band's members have been outspoken supporters of Sanders' candidacy, and expressed hope for his election chances, writing that it was a "once in a lifetime chance to elect a true progressive. We all know the Repubs will never hand deliver such easily defeatable candidates."

While we wait to see what comes of their new recording sessions, you can check out their posts below.