Drake's Views From the 6 is finally set to drop on April 29, but it's looking like some listeners might have to wait a little bit longer to finally hear the Toronto rapper's new album. During his OVO Sound radio show a few days ago, Drake announced the release date, and Apple confirmed that it would be exclusive to its Apple Music platform. Some were concerned that this would lead to a situation akin to The Life of Pablo, where only a select group of people would have access to the project at all. Now, according to an article from BuzzFeed, we've found out that Drake's new album will reportedly be exclusive to Apple Music for its first week of release only. After that week, it will become available on all platforms.

This isn't entire surprising.  Drake inked a $19 million deal with Apple last year, and released his singles "Pop Style" and "One Dance" exclusively through the platform. Nonetheless, it seemed unlikely that he would completely restrict streaming to just Apple Music. Kanye did that with TLOP on Tidal for over a month, but artists like Rihanna and Twenty88 have recently gone with shorter exclusive deals before bringing their projects to all platforms. So, while it might be a bit of a pain for non-Apple Music users the first week, at least they won't have to worry about never having access to the album.