After spending the last 14 hours listening to Drake’s highly anticipated album, VIEWS, here are a few takeaways: “Childs Play” is too crazy, Drizzy may or may not be my soulmate after shouting out the Cheesecake Factory, and holy shit, there are a lot of Instagram caption-worthy lines. We've done the sifting for you: these are the lyrics you should add to your Instagram arsenal ASAP.

"Guess that’s what they say you need family for."

"Is you with me or what?"

"I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do."

"The chain too heavy to tuck it."

"Lookin' in the mirror I’m closer than I really appear."

"The best ever, don’t ever question, you know better."

"Nothing mutual about my funds."

"Got a Hennessy in my hand."

"Got a pretty girl and she love me long time."

"I don't want to talk to you has-beens.”

"Took you from the hood, and I could never give you back."

"Last night I got high as the expectations."

"If I was you, I wouldn't like me either."