It's no secret that Young Thug has an insanely dedicated fan base that grows with every release, but who knew that Cuba Gooding Jr. was included in that group? Well, Cuba is apparently such a big fan of Thugga that he even takes some time out of his day to defend him on Instagram. In a hilarious exchange on one of Thug's posts from December, Cuba not only wrote that the song that Thug previewed on his page was better than anything The Beatles had ever put out, but he then proceeded to get into an argument with another user about it.

"How dare you insult Thugga. I was in Snow Dogs and won't stand for this shit," Cuba wrote. While it's unclear exactly what Cuba's role in the film Snow Dogs has to do with any of this, it's downright hilarious. Unfortunately, it looks like Cuba has since deleted his comments, which you can read in full below, from the page, though the responses from the other user, TheFronk90, are still on the page, and thus basically proves the authenticity of the exchange. "Fam, I SWEAR you finna make me catch a body. First off: Thug is an amazing rapper on a pure technical level, as well as being a great lyracist and a stone cold G," Cuba wrote. 

Seeing that Cuba is currently riding high at the moment off of the success of playing OJ Simpson, he can basically wild out as much as he wants. And honestly, we now kind of need to see Cuba and Thug in the club together now, though it's doubtful that Thugga is into eating cell phones