Since the breakup of OutKast a decade ago, we've been waiting and waiting (and waiting) for a solo album from André 3000. Years have come and gone, promises have been made and broken, and we've gone through two different presidents, and yet there's still no album to speak of.

Well get prepared to be teased and disappointed once again folks, all thanks to a recent Instagram picture from Chris Rock. The actor and comedian posted a photo of himself, Three Stacks, Dave ChappelleJack WhiteD-Nice, and Jarobi White together, along with the caption "Me , Dave , D-nice , jack white and jarobi hard at work on the new Andre 3000 album." Now to be fair, there have been some signs from André that a project could be forthcoming. Back in February, he had this to say in a Billboard interview: "I’d like to put out some kind of music project, but we’ll see."

That's right, this limp, half-endorsement of an album has managed to get fans' hopes up quite a bit. So far we haven't seen much come of it. Of course, now there's this picture from Chris Rock, but we're thinking it's more likely to be just a bunch of friends hanging out. They say you should never say never, but when it comes to the painfully unending saga of a solo André 3000 album, maybe we should make an exception this once.

Regardless, always fun to see lots of famous people hanging out. Hopefully they're cooking up something good, no matter where it ends up. You can check out his post below and cry softly to yourself about the music that could (but probably won't) be.