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During his headlining set at the Paradise Music Festival in the Philippines yesterday, Kanye West dropped a freestyle that confirmed what many have suspected for years. During the more freeform part of his song "Runaway" West reiterated his stance against conformity singing in an auto-tuned voice "I don't wanna be like, what everyone else be like / If that means I gotta be like, what everyone else be like / I don't want to be liked." He added, "Most artists aren't appreciated in their own time / So the more disliked, the better I must be doing."

Later in the extended jam West took a moment to thank another artist at the festival, Wiz Khalifa, who performed at the event just before him. Earlier in the year, Kanye went at Wiz with a massive twitter rant over the use of the name Waves for his eventually titled album The Life of Pablo. West mistakenly thought that Khalifa was coming after his wife Kim Kardashian West, and didn't spare any punches clapping back at him. It would seem now however, that all is forgiven and forgotten.

Check out the "I Don't Want to Be Liked" freestyle above.