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After a years-long hiatus, Brandy returned recently with her new single "Beggin & Pleadin." Now, she's following it up with a video for the track, and it's certainly a sight to behold. The singer channels classic 1920's fashion for the jazzy song, dressing up as a flapper and performing in a gambling hall. The visual esthetic certainly matches the sound of the song, which has a classic, big band style. In the video, Brandy takes the stage to woo back an old lover, inspiring some jealousy along the way.

"Beggin & Pleadin" would be an accurate way to describe Brandy's current label situation. She brought a lawsuit against Chameleon Entertainment Group a few weeks back, claiming they're refusing to let her record new music in a bid to get her to sign a new label contract. She's since dissolved her contract with the company, but is looking for a judge to rule that it was void in the first place. You can read more about that here.

Check out Brandy's "Beggin & Pleadin" video above.