CupcakKe's first viral record, 2015's “Vagina” (its video was titled “Deepthroat”) was such pure slackness any reasonable listener would be forgiven for assuming her career might end up a viral gimmick—posted on gossip sites for its novelty value and forgotten a few days later. The release of the provocatively-titled full-length Cum Cake earlier this year, however, proved the 18(!)-year-old rapper from Chicago's South Side has a range and sophistication that eludes so many of her peers: from relationship torment (“Exceptions”) to the joy of devotion (“Darling”), a bold exploration of abuse (“Pedophile”) to a brutal diss track targeting Detroit rapper Kash Doll, the album takes a page from the blueprint of The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. Rather than sonically “cohesive” in the vein of, say, the typical OVO record, she makes versatility a virtue and executes with sharp humor and often startling insight. “Juicy Coochie,” the album closer and obvious “single,” is a return to the extreme explicitness that is her trademark set to an immediate dancehall groove.