Bobby Shmurda is getting political. The currently incarcerated rapper recently spoke with Vibe on his current situation and opened up about the upcoming election. "I’m gonna say one thing! Y’all better not have Donald Trump as our president," he said when asked about the election. "We cannot have Donald Trump as president. I’m going for Hillary, [Clinton] man. Not Donald Trump." He went on to defend his decision by explaining why he thinks the former Secretary of State would make a good leader. "I like Hillary more because she’s into the people. You know they’ve said that women can’t run the country, but I feel like she’s more independent. She’s got a strong mind state." Of course, he had some strong feelings when it came to the Republican front-runner. "Donald Trump’s an asshole. I don’t care, but he’s an asshole. I definitely don’t want him as our president. The things that be coming out of his mouth is crazy."

During the interview, Shmurda also spoke on his hopes for his upcoming trial that was recently postponed until May. "I’m ready for this to go to trial or get time served or something because they’re overdoing it," he said. "It’s been 16 months now, and they still ain’t ready for trial. They’re prolonging it. I don’t know if they think they can have me up in here for three years, but I’m not with it." If you remember, the rapper was originally arrested back in December of 2014. He is currently facing several charges including conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree, criminal possession of a weapon, and reckless endangerment. Shmurda even noted that he wants to get into social activism upon his release to help the many he sees wrongfully convicted. You can read his entire interview here.