It’s Saturday, which means most of you are getting ready to go out. To add to your playlists this weekend, Big Grams, the collaboration between Big Boi and Phantogram, are here to give you five new remixes to “Drum Machine.”

The EP was released on iTunes, featuring mixes by Naderi, Chris Lake, Slaptop, Melé and Fareoh. So you have the freedom to pick and choose from your favorites or just listen all the way through. They are vastly different that each one has its own vibe.

The group also dropped the video to “Drum Machine.” Directed by Bryan Barber, it follows three people dressed up in animal costumes as they cause trouble all around Los Angeles. There’s a special guest cameo by Skrillex, who plays Sonny Panda.

You can grab the EP here and watch the video below.

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