Rapper and chef Action Bronson stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to teach the late night host how to cook octopus. “One of my favorites in the world," Bronson told Meyers. "I only became acquainted with the octopus recently. I didn’t eat seafood growing up for some reason I was scared of it. But now that I’ve traveled and I’m seeing these things and I’m diving with them and swimming together with these things.” As the two grilled some octopus and sipped on rosé, Bronson discussed his new food series, Fuck, That’s Delicious, which airs on Viceland on Thursday nights.

Bronson also took a moment to plug his new mixtapeBlue Chips 7000, that was previously said to be titled Blue Chips 7. Today, the rapper comes through with the first track from his forthcoming mixtape titled "Mr. 2 Face" featuring Jah Tiger and Meyhem Lauren, which was actually recorded in Jamaica while filming a forthcoming episode of his cooking show. Check out the track below and a brand new trailer for Fuck, That's Delicious below.