When it comes to the bass house scene in Los Angeles, AC Slater is the man to hit up. The purveyor of the "night bass" sound, Slater's been on a roll with his own Night Bass label (and club night). Today, the DJ/producer returns as a pure artist to OWSLA—his first since 2015's Take the Night EP—with Bass Inside, a three-tracker that's set to drop on April 28.

As Slater puts it, "This EP is three songs designed for the dance floor, but at the same time very forward thinking." That makes sense, as Slater's been good at building up the bass house scene in the States, giving us a glimpse of the bassline beats that permeate the UK club scene. "I feel like there's not much else out there at the moment that sounds like any of these songs," he continues, "which is really important goal for myself as an artist."

Judging by the title track, he's nailed something. Sure, it's built around a pulsating beat, punctuated by meaty kicks and intergalactic melodies. It's hypnotic and hype, like all club-rocking anthems should be. "Bass Inside is like a sci-fi journey to the center of an underground rave in a cave," Slater adds.

You can stream the title track up above, and get ready for Slater as he's making his Coachella debut this year on both Sundays in the Yuma tent, which will highlight just how important this sound is to the SoCal club scene. Check out the tracklist for the EP below.

Bass Inside tracklist:
1. AC Slater - Bass Inside
2. AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo - Flacid
3. AC Slater - Squeak It Up (feat. TT The Artist)