Capital STEEZ’s musical legacy was short-lived with just one solo project (AmeriKKKan Korruption) and a prominent appearance on Pro Era’s group mixtape PEEP: The aPROcalypse. His posthumous release, King Capital, was slated to drop in the summer of 2013 but has now been pushed back indefinitely. In the interim, Pro Era has shared music videos for “Apex,” “135,” and “47 Piiirates” that contain unreleased footage of STEEZ and paid homage to his life in the video for PEEP track “Like Water.” 

According to an interview with XXL, CJ says STEEZ was already working on the project but made songs over industry beats. “He did it on some unoriginal beats, [so now] we wanna get the beats made over so we can get the album sold. Give the proceeds to the family. The same thing that he would’ve done if he was here, help his family,” he said.  

Pro Era members say their camp and its affiliates have possession of unheard recordings from STEEZ. It’s just a matter of curating the right amount of tracks for a proper album to be released. “People don’t understand that it’s being worked on, but it’s not something that’s finished and ready to come out,” Nyck tells us. “People think we’re holding onto it for whatever reason. It’s the last recording. We’re trying to find as many [tracks] as we can.”

“King Steelo” was the last known single from the project, but Shipes adds that he’s letting the group take care of it until it’s ready. “It’s kind of in a few different places and [they’re] getting it all together. I’m just waiting on word from them,” he says.