Pro Era has gained a reputation as a lyrically gifted crew out of Brooklyn since hitting the New York hip-hop scene in 2012. At this point, they’ve created a foundation for returning fans who love the dense lyricism of Joey Bada$$ or witty lines of CJ Fly. To date, we’ve gotten solo debuts from Bada$$ (B4.DA.$$), Kirk Knight (Late Knight Special), and Nyck Caution (Disguise the Limit). Pro Era’s mission in 2016 is to demonstrate that they are a legitimate force.

“I think Pro Era this year is going to establish themselves as a real deal collective of artists that are not just a group. They are gonna show that they all have their own solo careers along with the Pro Era movement,” Jonny Shipes, president of Cinematic Music Group, told Complex. “There’s a lot of good talent in Pro Era. It’s not just one superstar artist with nothing else behind them in the group. I think this is really a group of individuals that can compete with some of the greats.”

Here’s what to expect from Pro Era as they plot their 2016 takeover (for even more read our new feature, “The Crew: Pro Era”).