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Justin Bieber's ongoing Purpose tour could hit a bit of a detour in a few weeks, and it's all because of the NBA playoffs, and in particular, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Last night, the first round schedule for the NBA playoffs was officially set, and it included a Cavaliers home game on April 26. The only problem is that Bieber is slated to perform in the same arena that night, which would cause a major scheduling issue for everyone involved.

Of course, this could all be avoided if LeBron and company are able to sweep their first round opponent—the Detroit Pistons—and thus there would be no need for a game 5 in the series. If there does happen to be a game 5, then history doesn't bode well for Bieber and his fans, as a similar thing happened a few years ago with Rihanna and the Brooklyn Nets where she was forced to reschedule a tour date because of the playoffs. According to the AP, the Cavs are working with Bieber's tour organizers if this does indeed happen. Again, it's unclear if it will even get to that, but there might be some mighty angry Bieber fans if it does.