Tory Lanez has a reputation for putting on crazy live shows. Crowd-surfing, stage diving, and hanging from the rafters are all par for the course. It looks like the Toronto rapper’s concert in Midland, Texas over the weekend got a little out of hand. And by “a little out of hand,” we mean that some people are claiming he incited a riot.


In a video shared by TMZ, Lanez tells the crowd to “fuck this place up,” and airs his frustrations with the “bitch-ass” venue security. The video clip also shows people throwing chairs as the crowd dissipates. Witnesses say the police were called in, security pulled the plug on the show, and the venue was trashed. According to TMZ, several arrests were made, and the venue owners and event promoters are considering taking legal action against Lanez for "inciting the riot." It’s not clear what exactly Tory was upset about, but if nothing else, this video demonstrates his ability to work a crowd into a frenzy.

Tory Lanez has yet to speak on the evening’s events. Watch more footage from the night in question below, where you can see him brush off security, and lead the crowd in a defiant “Diego” sing-along.