Over the past few months, Complex and Honda have been presenting the Uncharted series, focusing on some of the greatest up-and-coming acts in music today. While you may not have heard of some of them (or even any of them), Honda felt that their talent was palpable enough and their stories fascinating enough to warrant sharing with the world at large. 

For the final episode of Uncharted, Honda has gone one step further, and has decided to help one very talented, young singer achieve what every artist needs in order to ever have a shot at making it: Record a debut single. The lucky singer in question is Ellise Gitas, the 16-year-old daughter of an Iraqi immigrant who recently came to Los Angeles in the hopes of launching her music career. Making the move to L.A. at any point is a big deal, but doing it when you’re only 16? Now that’s pretty huge. But when you’re as devoted as Ellise is to making it in the music biz, you’ll stop at nothing in order to achieve that dream.

To make sure the single is done right, Honda has solicited the help of veteran music producer Chris Seefried. He’s previously produced for acts like Fita and the Tantrums, Andra Day, and Lana Del Rey. Needless to say, Ellise is in good hands. Now all she needs to do is dig deep and give everything she can once she sets foot in that studio. Her entire career awaits.

To see more about the collaboration between Chris and Ellise, be sure to check out the final episode of Uncharted in the video above, presented by Honda.