LA-based Australian-British duo MAIZE, aka Tim Metcalfe and Piers Baron, have wasted little time progressing from sought-after remixers for Marina & The Diamonds and MS MR last year to releasing their own original material. At the end of the month (Mar. 25) the eccentric duo will release their debut single, "Remember To Lose", featuring a glorious vocal siren that immediately resonates on the most fundamental level. Sometimes the right vocal sample can so thoroughly define a song that it's forever burnt into your mind and can even become a mental, even emotional, landmark for the very best of your raving days. On "Remember To Lose", it's safe to say this comes down to a combination of brutally melancholic delivery, deft vocal treatment from the boys and one of the most devastatingly effective uses of minor chords, all of which drive right to your very core.