The young and talented KLOE describes "Teenage Craze," her debut single, as "a dark, twisted love letter to my youth." Relocating from Glasgow to London, falling headfirst into the frenetic and unrelenting capital-city lifestyle that can destroy even the most resilient of artists, the 19-year-old artist embraced club culture and turned up the volume on her sound. Coining an EP directly related to those high-octane experiences, the Columbia-signed songstress' hedonistic electronic soundscapes drop with revelrous impact. Today, Auckland duo Sachi bring their own twinkling glitch influence to the track. Splashing feel-good synths over KLOE's strong vocals, a warm sense of youth and unadulterated fun dazzles from beginning to end with a bouncing, pop-leaning edge. Bump Sachi's remix of KLOE's "Teenage Craze" below and grab her EP on iTunes here.

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