Remember R&G?

The sweet-toned R&B, grime hybrid made famous by DaVinChe, Terror DanjahSadie Ama and Katie Pearl? At its peak in 2005/2006, the off-shoot was just as groundbreaking as the early years of grime; love songs at 140bpm, it was refreshing and gave the ladies an alternative to the shouty, 8-bar-loving emcees who lived for a reload. Kelela (a singer based in Los Angeles) is the only artist who has kept the idea alive in recent times—from 2013's Cut 4 Me through to her latest Hallucinogen—but how amazing would it be to hear from the originals? Well, we're in luck today as DaVinChe—the revered producer from London—shares "The Lost Time" from The VinchOnacci, his forthcoming instrumental project.

A groaning refrain glides through double-time drums and a wall of synths as the producer gets his Hendrix on with a melodic guitar solo, making the track just as soft as it is hard. "Sometimes grime is all about the energy," says DaVinChe, "not melody, not musical prowesspure energy. But sometimes, it's about melody and a disgusting bass line. The right balance of the two is something we strive for, and 'The Lost Time' is a dope balance of the two. It's kinda disgusting, kinda beautiful, but completely grime." Listen to the track exclusively below.