"Love Is A Lonely Dancer" may be one of the saddest song titles we've heard in a while but that hasn't stopped Low Steppa turning the latest Antony & Cleopatra single (which is out now) into an all-out, sun-kissed banger for the ages. Guided by a rock-solid—but undeniably bouncy—bass line, Low Steppa's fun-filled production acts as an uplifting counterpart to what are some genuinely emotive lyrics. Add to that the choppy melody and you've got yourself a summer anthem that flat-out forces you to dance. Staggeringly, the duo didn't immediately see the potential in the track, as they explained: "It's one of the first songs we wrote. It was written in a basement studio in Hackney Downs a few years ago. We kind of dismissed it and it wasn't till a few years later, we revisited and thought there was something to it. It was eventually produced in New York by the very talented Sammy Bananas." Listen below.