Last summer, the stirring electro-soul found on Toronto-based Once A Tree’s debut EP, Thousand Lives, introduced listeners to a duo that’s impossibly in sync. Today, Complex has an exclusive look at their music video for EP standout, “Hide.”

Jayli Wolf initially connected with Hayden John Wolf while searching for a collaborator for a music video for one of her own songs. Hayden John offered to produce the music video for free in exchange for a place to crash, and the duo forged a creative, and eventually, a romantic bond over a prolific three week period. Now, as Once A Tree, this pair brings an undeniable depth to the songwriting process.

In the video for “Hide,” a song about finding solace in someone’s company is filtered through two incredibly expressive dancers, who shed their veils and find beauty in mutual vulnerability. On top of a swelling bass synth and blinking hi-hats courtesy of producer Hayden John, vocalist Jayli Wolf lets it all out: "Hide me/Can you cover up my sins?/Make it like they don't exist."  It’s clear that there’s a therapeutic aspect to Once A Tree’s output that would not be possible if their creative, and personal bond wasn’t so secure.

"This visual is a symbolic representation of falling in love and the transference of energy that two individuals share when they enter each other’s worlds,” Once A Tree told Complex via email. “One can never go back, they are forever changed."

Watch Once A Tree's self-directed video for “Hide” above. Check out their debut EP, Thousand Lives, on iTunes and Spotify.