A few blocks north from Apple Music’s headquarters in Culver City, Los Angeles, there’s another music company quietly masterminding one of the most essential and future-forward independent labels out right now. An unassuming one-story grey house serves as the home of rising record label Mind of a Genius and its enigmatic artists. An open lounge area drowned in natural light opens up to three dimly lit production rooms where all four artists signed to the label create. Step outside, walk three steps to the neighboring building, and you’re in the office of David Dann, the 26-year-old founder and CEO of MOAG who opened up shop in 2013 in the same space that reportedly served as David Geffen’s old studio in the ‘80s.

ZHU, Gallant, THEY., and Klangstof all call this studio on South Robertson Boulevard their musical home. As a collective, Mind of a Genius’ sound is organic and emotionally piercing. Each artist takes cues from respective influencers and lands in a place where the nostalgia of cult favorites like Radiohead meets the innovation of transcendent electronics. They’re united in their ambiguity; you’re as likely to hear the artists descending the depths of an abandoned warehouse party in Brooklyn—which ZHU did back in 2014—as you are to hear them on Beats 1 these days. All of these artists have singles to their name that have earned them much-deserved buzz along with swelling fan bases. However, none of them have released full albums just yet and remain well below the showy surface of their Instagram-dominating counterparts. For Mind of a Genius, being invisible is not a problem—it’s the solution.