If you haven't been checking for Mike G, you'll need to spin his latest tape, Mike Check Vol. 2, to see what the Odd Future rapper's been up to these days. With features from Young Thug on a remix of "Drown," Awful Records' Archibald Slim and the legendary Obie Trice, plus production from Tyler, the Creator as Ace, the Creator, Mike G's new projects shows major strides for the young MC. 

Today, he drops a brand new video for "Soulja," directed by Jon Casey and Mike G himself, over production from DDot Omen and Gabe Niles—along with samples of N.E.R.D. featuring Santigold's "Soldier" and 50 Cent's "Back Down." Mike G says the inspiration behind the video is "a little like a trooper living in exile."

The track originally came together when Omen was working on a Santigold remix/tribute project in 2012 and chopped up these samples and made the beat with Niles, who really put the track together. "Uncle Murda liked the beat when I played it for him in a session with Wyclef Jean at Daddy House studios April 2013," Omen told Complex over email. "He never used it and so I played it for Mike G while he was wrapping up the project and voila."

Mike G will be performing at SXSW 2016 and to kickoff the road to SXSW, he hosted Sonya Teclai's TrillWave EP, a chopped not slopped production that you can stream over on Mass Appeal right now. If you haven't yet, give his latest project a spin below: