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LL Cool J might be busy hosting the Grammys and starring on NCIS: Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean he has no time for other hobbies. In recent weeks, it's looking like the activity he's chosen is trolling hip-hop Twitter. Back in early March, he went on a mini-rant where he attempted to remind everyone of his status as a revered rap veteran. Then, he popped up a few days ago with this video of himself in the studio with Dr. Dre.

The clip garnered some funny reactions on social media.

After the mixed response, LL decided to do some online trolling of his own. He started off by hinting at a new album, and denounced the idea that he was too old for music. "They bring up age. Lol stupid ass this ain't football or basketball. You don't pull a hammy rappin," he wrote. He eventually threatened to make everyone "reassess the entire hip-hop game," and said that any rapper should be afraid to release a project at the same time as him.

After getting some strong reactions from Twitter users, ranging from mockery to support, he eventually came back to clarify that he was just joking around and make fun of the "trolls reacting to nonsense." He even stated that hip-hop needs a "timeout." LL rapped things up by noting that he had a "wonderful music career," and that fans should "enjoy the classics" despite him just kidding about the existence of a new project.

Although he's since deleted a number of the tweets, you can still check out his entire Twitter rant below.