Though LL Cool J is involved in a number of different things at this point in his career—like hosting the Grammys or starring on NCIShe's still first and foremost a rapper. Well, LL thought that he needed to remind people of that today, as he went on a little Twitter tirade about his standing in the rap game. "Please stop pretending that we all don't know I'm one of the best to ever touch that mic," LL wrote.

The rant was apparently fueled by a week-old article that mentioned LL as a "pretty good rapper," something he obviously didn't agree with. Better than just reminiscing on the past, LL said that he could drop a single right now and still make some noise. Naturally, LL was met with objection from Twitter because that's what Twitter does best. Does this mean that LL has new music on the way? Who knows, but the entire thing was pretty hilarious on both sides of it. 

Lets not forget, LL Cool J did Accidental Racist with Brad Paisley

— Ahmed/Life Of Biz (@big_business_) March 2, 2016

Streets need another LL song about his love & obsessions

— Ms. Henry (@mshenrybaby) March 2, 2016

Who the hell is LL threatening with new music? In 2016

— Dandre (@ntsnzy) March 2, 2016