Over the weekend, Lil Wayne showed just how much of a stand-up guy he is.

On Saturday, Wayne’s private aircraft had an unexpected delay at an Indiana airport. According to Amanda Cooper Lickliter’s Facebook post, she says a military aircraft landed at the airport just as Weezy’s plane resumed its takeoff. Even though Wayne and his entourage were already on board, he told the pilots he wanted to get off the plane.

So Lil Wayne came through IND today. At the same time he was due to depart, there was a military C130 arriving. It parked next to the Gulfstream he was on, and about 30 men in uniform crossed the ramp into the lobby. After they walked in front of the G-550, Lil Wayne apparently told his pilots he wanted off. They shut down their engines, and he and his boys got off their plane, came into the lobby, and shook every one of the service men's hands. There was no press and no one to show off for...just a seemingly genuine act of respect. I know a lot of controversy surrounds him but, today, I was impressed.


Once inside the airport’s lobby, Wayne shook hands with approximately 30 military men and took pictures with them. Lickliter replied to her friend on Facebook that Wayne and his crew were the nicest people she’s ever met.

I've liked him from day one. He can get a little raunchy for me sometimes, but I'm still a fan. He made me smile even before this by treating my line guys with respect...his entire entourage was friendly as hell too. Doesn't happen often. And then to see his whole crew jump off their plane, just as they were getting ready to taxi away, and come in to make my military men smile...it was great. And here I thought my cookies and the pizzas I ordered for them would be the highlights of their day!

All in all, Wayne gets ton of love for this act of kindness. Now, let’s bump ColleGrove in his honor.