Kesha supporters are planning another rally to free the singer from Sony in light of a judge's decision to deny her request to release her from her contract with Dr. Luke's label. In the name of the Free Kesha campaign, fans will swarm Sony headquarters in New York City this Friday. This time, the attendees will have four petitions in hand that have a reported 411,000 signatures urging the label to release Kesha from her contract, according to Billboard. "It is time for Sony to step up and show that they don't value money over the safety and well-being of a woman and artist," reads the event's Facebook page. "They have the power to #FreeKesha by not renewing their contract with Dr. Luke and cutting ties with Kemosabe."

Previously, Sony's lawyer released a statement insisting that it is not in the company's power to free Kesha from her contract. The label says this is because Kesha's 2005 contract with Dr. Luke's initial label, Kasz Money, maintains ownership of the agreement. Meanwhile, Dr. Luke continues to say that he is innocent of ever sexually abusing Kesha. The rally is set for this Friday, March 11, at 2:00 p.m. You can find out all the details about the upcoming event here.

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