Kendrick Lamar was recently over in England as part of his sneaker deal with Reebok, where he talked about the brand, his image, and much more. While you can read more about Kendrick and his Reebok deal here, the company just released a fun video of the Compton MC surprising some fans while he was on the trip. Not only that, but once Kendrick was in the room with the kids, a full-blown rap cypher broke out with each of them taking their best shot against King Kendrick.

Even though Kendrick was just playing around, he still managed to drop some pretty crazy bars while the kids stood around him in complete awe. As the cypher went on, Kendrick got more and more into it and ended up completely snapping as he went head-to-head with a lucky fan. If nothing else, this is a true once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved. It's safe to say that life is pretty great for Kendrick right now, as his untitled, unmastered. project just went No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and he's already been spotted back in the studio