As of right now, there's only one place to officially stream Kanye West's The Life of Pablo album: Tidal. And while it doesn't look like Kanye has any plans to put the project up anywhere else, the Internet is getting creative with places to listen to the project online. The album is of course on torrent sites like PirateBay, which we now know Kanye uses, but it has also been uploaded to stream on the adult film site, Pornhub.

So yeah, if you happen to be on Pornhub anytime in the near future and get bored, you can always flip over to Kanye's album for some extra entertainment. It's unclear who uploaded the project to the site, but it probably wasn't Kanye or anyone from his team that did it, though that would be pretty hilarious. It's doubtful that the stream will be up for much longer, which means you'll have to head back to Tidal if you want to hear it. Or you know, just use PirateBay like Kanye does

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