Outspoken electronic artist Joel Zimmerman, who is known better as Deadmau5​, has some thoughts on Kanye West's recent PirateBay tweet. Last night, Yeezy took to Twitter to give an update of his recording session with Kid Cudi​ and the tweet featured a screenshot of the two listening to Sufjan Stevens' "Death With Dignity." It also revealed that he had a tab open to the popular torrent site PirateBay, which sparked an immediate response from Deadmau5. "What the fuck KanyeWest ... Can't afford serum? Dick," he wrote. Deadmau5 then even suggested everyone should "start Kickstarter to help KanyeWest afford a copy of Serum." It seems someone followed Deadmau5's advice and started a GoFundMe page for Kanye. Unfortunately, the page has since been removed. In a new tweet, Kanye hilariously shot back, "… is this person’s name pronounce dead-mow-five?" Ye didn't end it there though. He then went in with a "very serious question" about Zimmerman's famous mouse-shaped helmet. "Who’s job is it to carry the head on the plane # hash tag # do you check the mickey mouse head or carry on # does it get hot?"

A source close to Kanye's camp told Complex that Kanye actually put up the screenshot last night as a joke because of how much The Life of Pablo has been illegally downloaded on PirateBay since it came out. If you look closely, it's actually not even Kanye's computer, but a Samsung monitor with ProTools running in the background. Why would Kanye West use torrent sites? Come on now. The internet also took time to point out that Deadmau5 has admitted to illegally downloading a copy of a software in the past. Deadmau5 should be well aware by now that the internet never forgets anything.

It should be noted that Deadmau5's long-time friend Steve Duda coded the software for Serum and sells it through Deadmau5's Xfer Records label that they started together. Of course, both Kanye and Deadmau5 are artist-owners of Jay Z's music-streaming service Tidal and appeared together at the launch last year. Kanye has also been championing Tidal recently, releasing his most recent album The Life of Pablo only on Tidal, which resulted with a quick surge in subscription numbers for the site. So far there hasn't been an official KickStarter launched to get Kanye the music software, but we'll keep you updated if anything changes. Kanye did respond, you can check out the tweets below.

Deadmau5, who was apparently sleeping while Kanye was getting his tweets off, has responded to the rapper. "Imma let you finish.... But you should probably be saving the money for a 4th grade education," he said in regards to Kanye asking if he would wear a Minnie Mouse head and perform at his daughter's birthday. "Perform at your own daughters parties. You're a bigger fuckin clown than anyone I know."

He also responded to claims that he pirated software as well. "Incorrect... I don't suppose anyone here remembers the #truereveal live Twitter feed... Come on, it was a classic," he said. Check out his tweets below.