Mega-producer Just Blaze dropped by DJCity's MikiDz Show earlier this week and put together an intense hour-long DJ session that happened to feature a some unreleased cuts from Jay-Z and Jay Electronica. Blaze and Hov go back a long way, all the way to the first Blueprint album in 2001 in fact, and he's no doubt got a pretty good stockpile of unused Jigga material on his hard drive. For this particular set, Blaze busted out a track recorded sometime around the Jay-Z's Blueprint III. This isn't of course the first time he's dropped unheard music from Jay-Z. In December, the JB shared with the world three tracks from Brooklyn rapper's Black Album.

Maybe even more interesting than that however, Blaze also decided to unveil a completely new song titled "Exhibit G" by Jay Electronica. And if that wasn't enough, he also unveiled a possible song planned for Snoop Dogg’s next album, the original instrumental of Rick Ross and Drake’s “Lord Knows,” a beat from a Slaughterhouse session, and an instrumental for an upcoming Jeezy track. Needless to say, Just Blaze has one of the most fire collections of music on his laptop than just about anyone on Earth.