A few weeks back, Troy Ave stirred up controversy with his track "BAD ASS," which took shots at Joey Bada$$, calling him a "filthy backpack rapper" and saying he had a "drug dealer face." Even more dramatically, Troy took aim at Joey's deceased Pro Era collaborator Capital Steez, mocking his suicide and saying he was "burning in hell." In the weeks since, fans have been waiting for Joey to come back with a diss track of his own, but one never materialized. This morning, that all changed.

Joey appeared on Sway in the Morning, and had some confrontational lines for Troy during his "5 Fingers of Death" freestyle. He started off with some lighter bars, rapping, "The drama won't let up/You reap what you sow/Men lie, women lie, numbers sure don't/Got the whole beast coast coming for your skull/The karma gon' catch up, the albums sales won't/The truth just went up, my collar gone show/Holla back when you getting 60 stacks for a show/I don't worry about the club, I'm worried about the love/by the looks of it, your brothas getting none."

After that, he dove right into Troy's diss of Capital Steez, saying that "he did more dead than you ever did alive." He went on to rap, "He took a leap of faith and only brightened his light/You took a cheap shot of hate and only shortened your life/The difference between you and him is that he lives forever/You'll be the first to die that nobody ever remembers/Because the city never need you ever/You committed career suicide and made New York better."

The duo's long-running feud recently sparked back up after Joey name-checked Troy on his recent single "Ready," noting that Kirk Knight had outsold Troy with his recent album Late Knight Special. Troy came back with "BAD ASS," and now Joey has responded again. We'll have to see if their feud will end here or not. In the meantime, you can check out his whole freestyle in the video above.