Joe Jonas' indie pop outfit DNCE is the latest in a long line of many to attempt to cover Rihanna's ANTI hit single "Work." The band trades Rihanna's enticing groove for the sounds of 90's dial-up that is only familiar to anyone over the age of 25. Everything old is new again, but that piercing dial-up sound should stay back in time along with the sound of your computer saying, "You've got mail." The rest of the song's beat relies on various office supplies, including calculators, computer keyboards, mouse clicks, and a stapler. We get it. They're at work. Still, a song shouldn't sound like this much work to get through.

Everyone wants to try their hand to Rihanna's No. 1 Hot 100 song because it's that good. Unfortunately, there is a reason Rihanna pulls off this song while no one else can. The song just isn't the same unless Rihanna is singing about lust-filled relations that give all the Drake and RiRi stans a glimmer of hope. It's a nice thought to attempt a '90's nostalgic-filled cover, but this song should stay in the very capable hands of Rihanna. Watch Joe Jonas' DNCE attempt the cover above. Once you finish, you can redeem your eyes by watching Rihanna do her thing in the track's double video here.