Earlier this week, Jhené Aiko and Big Sean surprised everyone with the announcement of their forthcoming collaborative album, TWENTY88. The duo are now opening up about the project in a new interview with Flaunt.  “We’ve created another world,” Jhené explains. “Both me and Sean are super into fantasy-driven movies and so combining stuff like robots and sex, that pretty much sums us up... We’ve created these characters that are extensions of ourselves. It’s highly sexual.” On the album, the duo created a sound that combines '90s R&B with a '70s rock aesthetic by recruiting the likes of crooners K-Ci and JoJo for the sexually-driven track "Two-Minute Warning" along with beats and trap drums courtesy of producers like Da Internz.

This actually isn't the first time the two have collaborated. Most recently, the duo linked up on the track “I Know” off of Sean’s 2015 album, Dark Sky Paradise. Sean does say Jhené is one of his "favorite people to just be around and kick it with," so it's obvious why they would want to work together on such a big project. In fact, the two reveal they actually went on a date back in 2012. “We went to a Lakers game. It was a long time ago,” she says. “First of all, I had a boyfriend and me and Sean had already met. We were friends. So he asked me to go out with him and even though I had a boyfriend." The two say it became obvious that the night was a date, but they stayed friends long after. Although both insist they are single at the time of the interview, Dot Da Genius recently confirmed he and Jhené are already husband and wife. You can read the rest of the interview here and look for TWENTY88 to drop April 1. You can also revisit our interview from last year with Jhené on her friendship with Big Sean here.