Jai Paul and A.K. Paul have announced a new project called the Paul Institute. To mark the project's beginning, they have launched a website dedicated to it. Unfortunately, the whole thing is very mysterious from there. The website asks you to enter your country and phone number to enroll in the program, but says nothing beyond this point.

The brothers have both been laying extremely low and out of the public eye for over a year now. The last time we saw them was in 2014 when they suddenly popped up on Miguel's Instagram. Back in 2012, Jai Paul dropped two singles, "BTSTU" and "Jasmine." Unfortunately, the XL Recordings artist never really released his debut album. Many thought the 16 tracks that appeared on Bandcamp in 2013 were for his self-titled debut album, but the songs were quickly removed from the site. Jai Paul then confirmed that the songs were actually an illegal leak. In 2014, A.K. released a collaboration with Nao titled "So Good."  Only time will tell exactly what the Paul Institute is. For now, you can sign up at the project's website here.