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It seems like Kanye West is finally getting around to making the final mix of his seventh solo album The Life of Pablo. As perceptive ears on Reddit have discovered, a series of incremental changes have been made to the release on Tidal. While West has long ago promised that he's gonna "fix 'Wolves'" the most extensive edits thus far have been on the song "Famous." 

As Reddit user JayElect pointed out, a stanza in that song's second verse was flipped from, "She be Puerto Rican day parade wavin'” to “She in school to be a real estate agent.” Also from about 1:01 - 1:17 Rihanna's guest vocal have been layered with contributions from the late, great Nina Simone. Additional, the transition into the "Bam Bam" sample later in the song has been modified. It should be noted that at this time this new edition of the song can only be heard when played on the normal and high settings on Tidal, but the original remains intact on HiFi.

Complex has reached out to Tidal and a representative for Kanye West for comment about these changes and will update when we receive word.