Iggy Azalea faced more than her share of dark moments back in 2015. In a new interview with The Cruz Show, the Australian rapper says she contemplated ending it all in the midst of all of the media criticism. "There were times when I wanted to just quit life. Sometimes I would drive through the canyons to get to my horses and I would be like, 'What if I just kept driving?'” In response to host J Cruz asking her directly if she was suicidal, Iggy says, "Kinda. Sometimes I did." Iggy reveals it wasn't necessarily the hateful comments on social media that made her feel so low, though. Instead, it was largely people in the industry telling her that her career was pretty much over.

"They were like, ‘This is it for your career now, so what are you going to do?’" The singer says it was hard to deal with because she lives in America purely on a work visa and an end to her career would mean an end to living in America where her whole life exists. She explains that she was also dealing with an emotionally draining court case at the time that she couldn't openly discuss due to legal reasons.

Fortunately, Iggy made it through in large part due to her horses and fiancé, Nick Young. She explains that she always felt better after riding her horses and taking it day by day. "You can always turn it around, whatever it is," she adds. Watch the extremely revealing interview above. You can also listen to Iggy's brand new single, "Team," that dropped earlier today, and look out for her new album, Digital Distortion, to arrive later this year.