There are few artists as meteoric as Halsey scorching the music stratosphere right now. Her most recent video for BADLANDS single "Colors" racked up over 13 million views on Vevo since its release last month. It makes perfect sense then why her Astralwerks labelmate and Grammy-nominated producer Audien would decide to turn out a remix of the track. Audien takes Halsey's original and flips it upside down until it's hanging by its knees, looking out at a Technicolor pool of electronic-pumped beats that is fueled by acid-tripped jumps and dizzying spurts, all while keeping the crystallized vocals largely in tact. The whole thing arrives like a thrashing rush of blood to the head that is perfectly suited to turn everyone up at one of Audien's upcoming shows

“My labelmate Halsey is an artist that kills the precedent & inspires the rest of us to take risks," Audien told Complex over email. "Accordingly, I was excited to tackle 'Colors' and explore some sonic hues that I previously hadn’t.” Of course, Audien did just that with an insanely dope result. Listen to our premiere of the track above. BADLANDS is out now on iTunes.