Fetty Wap finally met Jayden Burgos, the fan he inspired to remove his prosthetic eye. “I’m glad that I was able to give him the courage to take out his prosthesis," Fetty told People​. "I know how it feels to be picked on. I’ve been talked about my whole entire life. The only difference now is they’re saying good things about the guy with one eye. I’m proud of Jayden and I appreciate him more than he may know.” Fetty invited Jayden to meet him backstage during the Denver stop on the Monster Outbreak Energy Tour that he's currently on with Post Malone. He even hooked him up with some Remy Boyz gear. Jayden's relative posted the picture with the caption, "Can't believe this happened.@fettywap1738 treated Jayden like a little brother, so cool. I cried. Like hysterically lol. Ha. Oh well, best night ever 💙#jaydenmeetsfetty #zoogang@rgfproductions @nittdagritt."

Last September, Jayden's mom posted a picture of her son without his prosthetic eye. In the post, she noted Fetty inspired her son to feel comfortable without the prosthetic that he usually wore everywhere. Fetty Wap lost his left eye as a young boy. Similarly, Jayden lost his eye when he was a baby to retinoblastoma, an eye cancer that begins in the retina. Fetty is no stranger to doing nice things for his fans. He recently sent a video to a superfan battling a brain injury. Keep doing you, Fetty.