If you didn't know, DJ Khaled has a serious fear of flying, which means that he takes a tour bus everywhere he goes. As you can imagine, this could cause some issues for Khaled, but he's always been adamant about not jumping on an airplane. Well, his good friend Fat Joe is of course aware of this fear, and decided to pull a hilarious prank on Khaled during a recent interview on Power 106's The Cruz Show. Basically, Joe called up Khaled and told him that he was about to perform "All the Way Up" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but the only way it would happen is if Khaled hopped on a private jet and DJ'd the show.

Khaled's immediate reaction was priceless, as he continually refused the offer, but still tried to give his blessings to Joe before they told him it was a prank. While it's pretty wild that Khaled really won't fly anywhere under any circumstances, it's good to see that he's still there to support his people. Listen to the hilarious phone conversation above.