Dreamville has grown to become one of hip-hop's most full bodied labels, equipped with a gang of talents that can hold down their own lanes, but also unite to deliver work that stands out amongst the multitude of projects floating around—like Revenge of the Dreamers II

One of the label's more prominent artists is Cozz. A South Central native, Cozz has grown with the label since joining in 2014. He opens up, stating, "When I first joined, I feel like people didn't take it as seriously as they do now." But there's a reason more and more listeners have come into the fold and are finding music that resonates with them. "It's dope we actually have a squad now. It's like a legit squad," he explains. "First it was Omen and Bas when I Joined. Now we have Ari [Lennox] and Lute. I'm excited."

When it comes to Cozz himself, he's evolving as well. When he first came to Dreamville, he brought a complete project to the table—Cozz & Effect. But his latest work, Nothin Personal, is the first he's crafted under the label. "Nothin Personal is just like a newer me," He says. "I freestyle a lot more, and I'm more comfortable now. But back then I was like really sitting down [writing] like fuck with me."

He also discusses his bond with labelmate Bas, as well as his plans for the near future. Check out the interview above.