Since dropping their breakout single “We Are Not” last summer, Toronto’s CMDWN Collective have become one of the fastest rising forces in the Toronto rap scene. Ca$tro Guapo and FIJI are they dynamic duo behind CMDWN’s string of hits, and they’ve done it again on what will be the first track from upcoming mixtape, Atlanada.

On “Spriteful,” Ca$tro Guapo rattles off two verses in his trademark plaintive wail, while FIJI provides a minimal but effective hook. Booming bass, rapid-fire hi-hats, and a demonic harpsichord lead set a menacing tone for Ca$tro to body the instrumental.  

Ca$tro Guapo has roots in Atlanta, and FIJI is a native Torontonian, inspiring the title Atlanada, a fitting portmanteau for their official debut. Listen to “Spriteful” below. According to a countdown on the CMDWN website, Atlanada is set to arrive on April 1st. Be ready.