Coldplay might have been billed as the headliner of the Super Bowl 50, but the halftime performance undoubtedly belonged to Beyoncé who slayed once she hit the stage. The display also caused quite a bit of controversy with complaints, misguided blame, and attempted—but failed— protests lingering in the weeks following the performance. Now, we can read some of those very interesting FCC complaints all thanks to SB Nation. The site collected the angry emails explaining what exactly annoyed viewers for our enjoyment.

One annoyed viewer seemingly confused "gestures" with "jesters."

Beyonce was making racist hand jesters during her performance during the super bowl half time show. Our group will be keeping track of this complant.

Another viewer was extremely concerned with Beyoncé's wardrobe and the fact that she chose to perform her new song "Formation" over her many other hits.

Up until last night, I was a fan of Beyonce. I am complaining about her Super Bowl performance for 2 reasons. The first is that I thought her attire was inappropriate for a family event (specifically the fishnet stockings and garter). Why is it that all of the women were scantily clad and the men were not? This was a horrible thing for my young daughter to see. I also oppose the message of her song/performance in that I think it will push more people to be on a witch hunt for police officers. If the main halftime performer and the 2nd one (Coldplay and Bruno Mars) performed their hits, why did Beyonce get away with not performing one of hers? Thank you.

Of course, there had to also be a complaint about the performance featured in the throwback videos because not even Michael Jackson is safe from ridicule.

Year after year after year we are subjected to Cock Grabs at the halftime televised show at the Super Bowl. I thought with Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and Beyonce this would be the first year without. But, no! They just had to include a video of Michael Jackson grabbing his dick! When is this going to end FCC? It’s sick!

You can read the rest of the complaints here.