Dreamville's Bas is set to drop his new album, Too High to Riot, this Friday. The project serves as the proper follow-up to his 2014 release, Last Winter, and based on songs like "Methylone" the Queens rapper is digging deep lyrically while still delivering relatable music.

Today, Bas shares the accompanying visual for the record, which features him hanging in a dimly lit lounge with a few women and a yellow python. A perfect combo. The video also includes shots of Bas in an empty room filled with mirrors that gives off a trippy aesthetic. Lyrically, Bas is on point here. "Last week I bought a testing kit, I wish they made em for people/The way these nigga's be actin' they should be cast in a sequel/Nigga's phony they only give you dap just to reach you/I know ain't the first homie to have to tackle these issues," he raps over Ron Gilmore's production. Check out the Doubiago Bishara-directed video for "Methylone" above and pre-order Bas' Too High to Riot on iTunes.