With today's news of a possible CDB reunion on the horizon, it's a fitting time to revisit the brief period from 1994-1996 when Australia first, briefly, embraced local R&B acts. Despite local labels obviously having no idea what to do with music that wasn't pop or alternative rock, a handful of acts from Sydney and Melbourne were able to somehow break through with R&B music which, looking back, was actually pretty good. 

While local acts have continued to pursue R&B since, there hasn't been another period since the mid-90s that featured so many acts representing the genre with the chart-topping success of CDB, Deni Hines and Kulcha. 

Despite the impact the acts had on Australian music in the 90s, they have been largely forgotten since their time at the top. Google searching Kulcha for example gives you recipes for North Indian flat bread. For today though, let's take a moment and remember a time when Starter jackets and suburban R&B acts were the hot shit.