UPDATED 8/1/16 1:00 p.m. ET: Finally, the full episode of Eric Andre's "Rapper Warrior Ninja" featuring Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, Mike Eagle, Hannibal Burress, Nocando, and Go Dreamer's is here. Watch the contestants dish out their best freestyles while blindfolded as they try to make their way through a course of  soiled underwear, mouse trap plank, ball swing alley, and snake pit before declaring victory. Watch the whole thing below.

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Eric Andre used his appearance yesterday at SXSW to preview some new material from the upcoming season of The Eric Andre Show and it seems the show creator is going to continue to put rappers through it in the "Rapper Warrior Ninja" segment. The sneak peek features A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown blindfolded and spitting bars while someone attempts to physically disturb their creative flow. The set up includes a mouse trap plank, ball swing alley, and a snake pit as a bystander swings at them with a foam lance. Go Dreamer also makes a quick but tragic cameo in the clip that sees him get knocked down off a bench hard. This new season cannot come soon enough. Watch the teaser clip above.

While you wait for the new season, revisit some of the show's best clips, like the time Tyler, the Creator got really weird or that ridiculous interview with Wiz Khalifa.