50 Cent seems to want to get a little bit more mileage out of his most recent release The Kanan Tape and has apparently enlisted Chris Brown to do it. The G-Unit boss decided to recruit the "Kiss Kiss" singer for a brand new remix of the his song "I'm The Man." The already mellow track remains pretty much the same all the way through, but get's an additional layer of smooth darkness, with Brown taking over on the final verse to add his own, unique spin.

“Came in the game gettin’ money / I f--k with all the bitches gettin’ money / But you love playing games with all the corny shit / Messin’ with a nigga, I only bought it cause I want it / You love to see a nigga on the bottom / You tried to come up, you don’t keep it on the low / You like a drug, don’t like you to call them hoes / I’m trying to break a bitch down like 36 O’s.”

"I'm The Man" feels like a real favorite of 50's and he's been pushing the single pretty much every which way he can since it first dropped at the end of 2015. He even produced a 10-minute long short film to accompany the song. Check out the new version for yourself above.